Top 5 Rookie Poker Player Mistakes

Playing too Many Hands

It’s important to be selective when playing poker.  the old saying may go, “you can’t win if you don’t play,” but it’s also true that you can’t lose what you don’t put in the pot.  Playing mediocre hands that lose most of the time when up against premium hands will destroy your chip stack.  By playing too many hands, you’re tipping the odds in your opponent’s favor.


Playing Over your Head

If you’re really a beginner, play at a beginner table.  Many rookies think they have the game down cold just because they watch the WPT on TV all the time and they clean up while playing their poker buddies in the basement.  Start out small and if you dominate those levels, move up.  it will save you lots of money if you play below your level instead of over it.


Too much Bluffing

This is another rookie symptom brought on by watching too much poker on TV.  You’re not a poker pro yet, so don’t think you can act like one.  Throwing in the occasional bluff is fine, but don’t fall in love with trying to dupe the table, or the players who know that they’re doing will fleece you.


Playing Distracted

If you’re going to play poker then play poker.  Don’t listen to your favorite tunes while watching TV and catching up on some of that work you missed while slacking off at the office.  If you’re not totally focused on the game, you’ll make that one big mistake that sucks you dry.


Falling in Love with your Hand

Rookies who get monster hands tend to play them out no matter what happens.  When they do pull in a monster hand and it gets beat, that usually means a lot of chips just went to their opponent.  Remember, no matter how good your hand is, it is beatable, so don’t be afraid to fold if you know you’re beat.