The Stress Levels Are Rising

Hey gang! First off I took three days off and went to Wildwood, NJ for the Wildwood classic Hobie regatta. I crewed for our club champion’s boat and we went on to win our group! Conditions were intense with winds blowing 15-20 mph and the seas in the 3-5 foot range made for some high stress conditions and for some seasickness as well. But, we won our class so thats all that matters. Got a nice engraved glass and bragging rights for my trouble.

So, I come back after the long weekend ( I took Monday off too) and decided to come back strong and multi table the 2-4 NL. I even took a shot at the 5-10 NL last night . The 2-4 games are good but the swings are definitely bigger than the 1-2. The games are very good though if you can withstand the larger SD.

The 5-10 last night didn’t work out like I wanted. Got coolered in a few hands against short stacks and whiffed every flop imaginable. Wound up down around 750 in the game after about 1.5 hours. Lineup had a solid spot and 3 weak spots so my game selection was good just the re sluts didn’t work out.
Funny thing though, I dropped 750 in the 5-10 and made 950 in the 2-4 after dropping a 400 stack in the 2-4 NL. So at one point on the night I was down a dime and wound up finishing the night after 3 hours multi tabling up 200. So, yes its a little swingy.

The best hand of the night was a HU hand against a guy who had been playing literally all day. When I sat down he had 1200 on this particular table and the fellow prop I dropped a stack to also got a big pot off him and he was then down to 800 or so, he bled away some more to some other players (though not in big chunks) and then I got a couple hundred off him 3 handed. The final hand at this table on the night was a biggie and was my 3rd pot over a dime in my last 4 nights of playing. He’s been aggressive HU and raising every pot we’ve played, so its definitely a very aggressive game. Nothing like big stack HU NL to get your juices flowing.Bunky is the BB and has $570. Villain has $532.00 Villain raises to $12.00 , bunky reraises to $36.00 with 88. Villain calls.